The last 25 years SMS got a look in the kitchen of many of its customers. SMS often encounters the same kinds of problems in different companies. This way SMS knows what to be aware of before a project starts. From these common problems SMS created a few clever and simple solutions. These solutions are translated into meaningful products which will help your company go forward quickly and save you a lot of money.


One of the biggest problems SMS encounters at many companies is training employees in a good way. If employees are not correctly informed about the functions of a systems or they get improper training about these functions, this can result into a very inefficient way of working. It costs companies a lot of money every year.

With iPEAK its possible to create training material for almost every system you use within your company. With a short training your material developers learn to use iPEAK and how to train people correctly. This way your developers can make training material easily and ‘in house’. Together with Knowledge Center its possible to not only create training material, but also follow the progess of performance per employee. Thanks to this you can intervene on the correct moment.

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You probably already heard something about EPOS, the Enterprise Process Overview System. A big hit from its release date!

The system is created over the years, because SMS found out that very few companies secure their knowledge. That’s a shame, because when employees leaves the company they take their knowledge and experience with them. It is so important to secure that knowledge, so that it can be used to train other employees. EPOS makes sure your people can easily access processess, procedures, rule, you name it! And the best thing is, they can do it anywhere.

Besides that this is a fantastic system to get your business processess in order before you start certain trajectories. EPOS reduces the time a project planner is preparing from days to several hours. It’s that efficient!

EPOS can be used for many more benefits. Would you like to know what EPOS can do for you? Call Frank Dekkers on 0031 6 22 93 42 91 or mail to


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