Knowledge that  is well documented and deployed can be consulted and continuously improved. In that way company processes will remain up to date and of value!  And that is very important, because ‘valuable’ and ‘up to date’ documentation is used up to 100 times (!) more often than outdated documentation and may result in a reduction of critical errors of more than 40% ! (IMC – 2012)

SMS considers documentation as the registration of internal and external policies, rules, regulations and guidelines. Documentation in multimedia format from both internal and external sources is used to document and communicate knowledge, experience and proven and new innovative working methods. We structure this documentation based on and around business processes. An adequate Process-overview will be the starting point of (all) activities.

When employees are familiar with this process overview, they will always be able to ‘fall-back’ on agreed policies and regulations. They will be able to ‘help’ themselves by consulting available knowledge know what is going on in the Company. Always and everywhere. SMS has proven tools to support that!

SMS recommends an Agile/Scrum way of working.

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