Business Process Experts

Most of SMS’ projects begin with clearing the Business Processess. This is thé foundation for all work and influences many parts of (change) projects. A focus on Business Processess will help to increase effectivness and efficiency, help to achieve a higher transferability, help with managebility and help with achieving a greater learning ability.

SMS uses a.o. Engage (click here) and Aris (click here), but also Visio or PowerPoint to capture business processes and it’s characteristics and related features in a visual processflow.

ENGAGE screen

SMS recommends an Agile/Scrum way of working.

More expertises:

Documentatie Experts

Experts in documenting company-, process-, and procedure knowledge.

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eLearing Experts

Experts in creating and developing (pre-build) eLearning, the didactical way.

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Knowledge Management Experts

Experts in making sure you employees use (and want to use) documented company-, process- and procedure knowledge.

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Change Management Experts

Experts in taking care your employees know how- and why to change.

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