Change Management

SMS is expert in making sure your employees know how- and why they want to change and also do change.

Over the years SMS developed different kinds of expertise on the change management area. The most important being the process of change itself. Your people have a natural resistance to change. A lot of companies just ‘let this happen’, because they don’t know which procedure to follow for these kinds of trajectories. However, these are rational and emotional processes and are organizationally as well as individually, very successfull to influence, as long as you have the right knowledge to do so. Because of this, change processess are manageable and will result in your people performing the changes.

Below you will find a few of SMS’ expertises in the area of Change Management. Most of these expertises are linked to one or more of SMS employees and methods. When you need an expert in a certain part of your project, SMS will make sure the right expert is available. The expert will use the SMS methods to tell what is needed to succesfully finish your project.

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Did you know…

…SMS developed their own change approach, in which organizational and individual change can be very effectively deployed in combination.

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Proven experts in recording, enriching and (graphically) developing  business processess.
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Experts in documenting  business processess, procedures, workinstructions, rules and guidelines.
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Experts in designing and developing learning trajectories, including eLearning.
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Experts in taking care your employees can use and develop documented business-, process- and procedure- knowledge.
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SMS completed projects for:

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