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For over 20 years SMS provides products and services to succeed with CRM, SRM, SCM, HCM, ERP (e.g. SAP – Siebel – EBS – JD Edwards – IFS – NAV – Infor) and other ICT implementations. SMS is specialized in ‘the human side’ of implementations and innovation processes. SMS focuses on human behavior, human learning and change processes, embedded in a thorough understanding of an organization’s business processes and -systems.

SMS ensures that adoption – acceptance and use of the (new) business processes and -systems are optimal and lasting. They connect business processes, employees and systems. SMS operates in close cooperation with it’s Customers to guarantee usability and user adoption.

SMS makes sure that customers will be able to develop their organization and employees based on the transferred know-how and tools. SMS continues to evaluate progress and follow up on performance with customers on a regular basis, especially after SMS is finished with their part of the project.

“Learning and Performing with ICT”

Keywords given by Clients about SMS: “professional”, “high level of independency”, “self-educating organization”, “partner in training”, “performing with ICT”, “knowledge managers” and “change experts”. These kinds of feedback are very important to SMS, because it confirms customers understand what they can expect from SMS. This is ideal for realizing an optimal and long-term customer relation. “It feels like SMS employees temporarily become our employees”.

All SMS employees are certified business administrators, educators, computer-scientists, business economists and psychologists. They all have a passion for learning and performance management and ICT. Using each other’s knowledge and skills throughout the project-lifecycle makes them successfully achieve the Customer goals! And with the various ages and extensive experience SMS has an excellent team!

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Our Head Office is based in Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands). A good location, right between Rotterdam and Antwerp (Belgium). From this historical office building (dating back to 1901), located on the Antwerpsestraat (in former times thé road to Antwerp), nearly all projects are being coordinated and administered. If our employees can’t work on location at your offices, they will come here, working “from home”.

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